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The Small Company Doctor Scheme

The Small Company Doctor Scheme

Do you have an ailing company? Need someone you can trust to advise you to help devise a recovery plan (or a closure strategy)?

The Arbeia Small Company Doctor Scheme may be the answer. We run surgeries for sick businesses and their worried owners, aiming to guide you through a troubled time and help you get back onto the right path.


Your first consultation is always free and will be with a Principal of Arbeia, remaining of course in the strictest of confidentiality. We will listen to your problems and fears, be friendly, supportive, non-judgemental and provide you with the best advice possible to help you change the fortunes of your business.

If your business can be saved then we can offer you various avenues with which to move forward, recommend the best people to help you on your way, and if needed, manage the process with you to give you the best possible chance of recovery.

Recovery is almost always possible and we can offer you options such as: reconstructions, refunding, and provision of management system/facilities.

Sustainability. Even after it is underway recovery can be frail and difficult to manage, particularly when resources are limited. That's why we offer our specialist management/financial services to help you ensure that it is sustained, even after the initial recovery process is completed.

Scheme availability is strictly limited and run on a needs basis.

Note: We are not insolvency practitioners, administrators, liquidators, financiers, funders or investors. We have no beneficial financial relationships with any of our preferred suppliers and do not encourage commissions or any other financial incentives. We value and protect our independence, objectivity and integrity.