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Meet The Team

Welcome to Arbeia Business Services

O ur staff, partners and associates are all business experienced and continue to practice within their respective sectors. We believe this is a key factor as they understand business and provide sensible, cost-effective solutions. Within reason they have seen it all and can pass on this knowledge and experience to your advantage.

Working as a team brings the real advantage of members being able to access the cumulative knowledge and experience of our colleagues and, if necessary, to our wider individual networks. We can therefore understand and advise on the vast majority of business related issues or direct you to the specialists you need.

Our Team

Olivia Marica

Bil Thompson | FCA

Bil heads up the company while always making time for clients and his passion for looking after their best interests means he goes the extra mile to deal with their concerns. He relishes dealing with challenging or complex issues. Bil has been described by one of his colleagues as 'hugely experienced and old enough to know better'. 'Huge experience' is not about doing the same thing every day for 40 or so years. Bil has substantial operational experience gained in Light Manufacturing, Charities, Retail, Construction, the Public Sector including the NHS and the Services sector. This in addition to his current involvement in his accountancy practice and as director of Arbeia Business Services.

Olivia Marica

Peter Short | FCIS FFA FRSA

Peter heads up our Corporate Services section. Apart from an in-depth knowledge and practical experience of all things relating to 'companies' he has a broad knowledge and experience of commercial contractual law and business practice as well as being well versed in Charity formation and management. Peter is our first port of call when we 'don't know something' but only when he hasn't got his head buried in the vast and complex Companies Act 2006 or dealing with one of his beloved charities. It is very reassuring to have Peter around.

Dan Petrovsky

Phil Martin | AFA MAAT

Phil is our man on the ground providing accounting services to a wide client base, managing our South Shields office, expert with HMRC online and other such IT horrors. He is our specialist in construction contract pricing, tendering and project management. Whilst he strangely professes to enjoy being an accountant we are delighted that he is developing a real aptitude for 'business' to complement his ability to do sums. Long may it last – he is good to have around.

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