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Management Information

Management Information

Annual accounts are like an epitaph on a tombstone – of little use other than to keep the various bureaucracies happy. As a tool for managing your business they have little day to day relevance as by their nature are a reflection of past performance rather than of current activities, costs and profits. What you need to manage your business is up to date financial information, soundly based forecasts, budgets, plans and projections etc

Arbeia Business Services excels in providing financial management information. With the principals of two accounting practices, their resources, plus those of their associates, it is very unlikely that we cannot provide a cost effective solution

We can work with you to improve the effectiveness of your financial system controls, safeguard your business, and improve profitability.

We can provide:

Everything from basic bookkeeping to specialised commercial accounting systems.
Accounting for sole traders, partnerships/limited companies and not for profit organisations.
Cash flow forecasts, projected profit & loss accounts and balance sheets.
Option appraisal.
Cost/benefit analysis.
Budgetary control.
Financial reporting systems for management, directors, boards and trustees.
Financial investigations.