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Pricing, Tendering and Contract Management

Pricing, Tendering and Contract Management

There is no doubt that for small firms the tendering process in both public and private sectors is becoming increasingly difficult as the market becomes more competitive and potential customers demand more and more in terms of pricing, complying with the various health and safety requirements, submission of tenders etc. The whole process favours the 'big boys' with their big resources and the owner/manager often just has not got the time to do it and hence loses out on valuable work.

And then there is managing the contract: dealing with variations and disputes, submitting interim & final accounts etc.

We can help you level the playing field by working with you, on site if necessary, on any part or all of the tendering process.

Our approach to Tendering reflects our approach to business

It's all about:

knowing you, our client, satisfying your needs and striving to exceed your expectations
research and preparation
knowing the competition
attention to detail, focus and effort
applying all the expertise necessary to assist you tender successfully
finding opportunities


We have experience in all manner of Public Procurement via NEPO, CHEST, Public Contract Scotland and NHS portals and in the Private sector

We can also assist with:

Health & safety
Quality systems
Debtors control