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Governance and Risk Management

Governance and Risk Management

Modern businesses are increasingly being placed under the public spotlight with as much interest in 'how it does it' as in 'what it does'. Internal and external reporting requirements become more detailed and complex and the need to be 'ethical' and legally compliant in your business activities becomes paramount. These factors heighten the reputational and systemic risks of getting them wrong; we can help you get them right.


We are able to assist in the design of board reporting systems to provide directors from companies of all sizes with the appropriate information for them to correctly undertake their directorial duties. We will help them to deal with displaying the necessary transparency and help them to document their decisions and actions.

Risk Management

Conducting business carries with it inherent risks, both internal and external, to people, capital, equipment, resources and reputation. We are able to help you to conduct an essential review of the risks to your business and to suggest ways in which risks may be avoided, reduced, or contained.

Business Continuity

To help your business to keep going even in the worst of times, we can assist you to anticipate future problems by drawing up plans to manage possible consequences, and help you to implement them in the event that they are needed.

Disaster Recovery

If the worst happens and your business suffers a major disastrous event then we may be able to assist you in recovering from the situation by supporting you through claim procedures and by the provision of temporary staff or bureau services.

Compliance with Health & Safety, Employment Legislation

We can provide you with specialist help in these areas, meaning that you can avoid negative consequences which may occur due to non-compliance.

Fraud Prevention and Detection

Fraud within business is a widespread problem and consequently you may need us to discuss with you measures which you can employ to avoid Fraud. We can help you to detect and reduce the opportunities for your business to be targeted by fraudsters and provision internal audit services to help highlight any possible weaknesses to fraud.