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Charities and The Not For Profit Sector

Charities and The Not For Profit Sector

Arbeia through its team of experienced staff offers a range of services for the Not for Profit Sector. From assistance in selecting the appropriate structure and legal form of the organisation and its registration to its administration, governance, accounting and reporting. The team has wide experience of the needs of this sector and currently act as Trustees, Independent Examiners etc. with a number of local charities.

Our approach to Charities is that they should be run with strict commercial discipline as Not-for-Profit enterprises are businesses and like it or not it must live within their means. Very well, your organisation will be may be set up as 'Not for Profit' and geared up for whatever altruistic aims but it certainly should also be 'Not-for-Loss'.

Services Types of Charitable Organisations Not-For-Profit Organisations Post-Registration, Accounting and Management


Arbeia offers Charities and 'not for profit' organisations support with specialist accounting and management services, financial, governance and operations advice and assurance for trustees, directors and senior managers covering the following:-

Charity SORP accounting-final accounts
Taxation of charities and not-for-profit organisations
Management and fund accounting
Risk assessment and analysis
Corporate governance audits and systems
Grant applications
Shop/trading audits and control
Internal control/audit
Charity secretarial services

Types of Charitable Organisations

Registered Charities

Advice can be supplied on the choice of the most suitable form available for your Charity and registering your charity with the appropriate authorities as the need arises. A full registration service is available for all form of charities including Companies limited by guarantee with charitable objectives and the newer form of Incorporated Charitable Organisations (ICO) as well the traditional Un-incorporated Registered Charity

Unregistered Charities

We can assist small charities obtain recognition as a 'charitable company' to secure the associated tax benefits including Gift Aid.

Incorporated Charitable Organisations (ICO)

This type of Charity first became available in England in 2014 and provides some limited liability protection to Trustees as well as making it possible for the charity to hold land or securities in its own name rather than designating some trustees as Custodian Trustees or using the services of a Trust Corporation.

Not-For-Profit Organisations

Community Interest Company (CIC)

Incorporated under the Companies Act this form of company is subject to a dividend and capital lock. It is looked on favourably by local authorise seeking to 'privatise' parts of their activities. We offer a full registration service with the option of on-going support. The company is subject to the Corporation tax regime.

Company Limited by Guarantee

Incorporated under the Companies Acts this type of company is often formed by membership organisations such as clubs and professional associations. In conjunction with Charity Commission Registration it can pursue charitable objectives and obtain the associated tax benefits of being a registered charity. It has a dual reporting obligation; to Companies House and to the Charity Commission. If registered as a charity the company is exempt from Corporation tax.

Post-Registration, Accounting and Management

We can provide assistance with the accounting needs of your charity with full bookkeeping, payroll and accountancy services if needed. We also offer other services including membership, administration and consultancy on planning, strategy and governance.