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Our Fees

Our Fees

Our fees are best described as fair, reasonable, 'real world' and very competitive.

Initial Consultations are always free for new ventures or projects, without obligation. We encourage you to call us whenever you need advice and are happy to meet at our South Shields office, in Newcastle or if you prefer to visit you on site.

Before the commencement of any work we will discuss the fee for the work with you in an open manner. We usually offer a fixed fee but can work on a time basis for ongoing or non-routine assignments where we can provide time records to back up our charges. We have a fixed price list for minor routine services.

We will be clear as to what is covered by the fee and will discuss any change in the assignment before additional charges are incurred.

We will provide you with a written specification of any proposed work and if you are a new client, a letter of engagement and full Terms and Conditions.

In the case of a fee or quality dispute we reserve the right to refer the matter for external conciliation or to referees, who may make orders regarding costs of the process.'

Terms and Conditions – Summary

Payment for submissions to statutory bodies such as Companies House can be settled after the work is prepared but always before submission.

Interest will be payable on overdue accounts and a defined collection policy is in force that can concludes with legal action to recover.

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