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Business Planning

Business Planning

Your business plan is a crucial tool for successfully managing your business, from the moment you generate your idea through to launch and to maintain and grow a successful, healthy operation long term. Without it you may never develop your vision at all, fail in the early stages or when you are presented with challenges and potentially miss out on financial and advisory support, in some instances free!

With it you will have a solid business model which we would advise you to review regularly in the early stages/quarterly. We can help you at any stage of the process or write and review your plan for you, between us we have set up and supported numerous businesses and written hundreds of business plans.

Business Planning – What We Can Do
Business Planning Benefits
Why Plan?
Marketing Plans

What We Can Do

However modest or ambitious your proposed venture, you need the best advice possible from business experienced specialists who have seen success and failure, and know the reason for both. We can help you succeed, minimise risk, and make sure that your business is sustainable for the future.

We offer a free initial evaluation of your business proposal and will give you an honest opinion. If you wish to take your proposal forward we can:

Test your proposal with appropriate methods and procedures
Evaluate the future risks and benefits, including a survival plan
Conduct feasibility studies with you
Point you towards local assistance
Help you to gain funding
Prepare a business plan with you
Form a marketing plan with you
Be with you when you need support
Take responsibility when you need us to
See the project through
Provide an online helpline and after sales service
We can produce business plans for business development and funding applications

The Benefits

To give you a structure to research and develop your idea, to decide if it is feasible to progress for you on a business and personal basis.

To focus your mind on a real, substantial written document so you can thoroughly plan and visualise your opportunity.
Essential to gain support from business support agencies and financial institutions
To periodically review your business objectives and targets against your achievements
Highlighting any areas of concern that may need to be monitored or addressed

Why Plan

The preparation of a Business Plan is often required in order to access start-up or development financial support for your business. It is the main means whereby your Bank can judge your prospects and against which can monitor your progress. It should provide an insight into the whole organisation and its ownership and activities. A key element is a marketing plan section detailing the future prospects for products, prices and sales forecasts from which financial forecasts can be extrapolated. The forward forecasts are usually drawn up on a monthly basis for the first year, quarterly for the second year and on an annual basis for the following years. The financial forecasts comprise a set of profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and cash flow statements and are frequently produced on an integrated spreadsheet or using specialist software. We can assist you in the preparation process and help with data research, estimation and calculation so that you have a winning and feasible plan.

Marketing Plans

We can help shape your knowledge and ideas and construct an effective marketing strategy for new and existing businesses.


Many people find the process of translating their business idea into figures quite daunting. We can help you draw up the financial schedules that support your plans and helps to gain the financial support that you seek.